We’re Going to Build a Dungeon!

Summertime is upon us, and that always means a big shake up for the Library Game.  Half the regulars are out with travel and summertime activities.  New player pop in, unburdened by homework and band practice.  In the past, this has been mildly disruptive of the campaign storyline, but not this year.  Which tells me it’s a perfect time to switch things up a bit.  So this year…

We’re going to build an adventure!

Each game session, we are going to set aside an hour to collaborate on a dungeon adventure.  Each time we will touch on a different aspect of design: brainstorming, mapping, NPC creation, stocking the encounters, you name it.  In the end, we will have a perfectly serviceable dungeon/wilderness or even an urban adventure to thrill and amaze!  Last monday, we brainstormed our concept.  Here are the results:


Which loosely translates to:

Beneath the ruins of an old desert town, a sand dragon commands a legion of mummies to protect her horde. Her greatest prize is a priceless jewel, the magical embodiment of an ancient prophecy that makes her invulnerable and increases her necromantic powers. In the ruins above, a band of outlaws, led by her mate, a dragon in human form, carry out her demands for tribute among the communities that border her territory. The ruins are protected by a violent sandstorm that forms a protective wall.

But the dragon isn’t the only one who covets the gem. To a tribe of savage minotaurs, the gem represents a key to their ancestry. They constantly monitor the sandstorm, waiting for an opening they can exploit to take back what they feel is theirs by right.

Elsewhere, a powerful wizard employs a cunning ruse to recruit adventurers and the fool-hearty to journey into the heart of the maelstrom to wrest control of the gem for his own fell purposes.

Our next game session is Monday, June 20 when we will start tackling the maps.


Worlds of Your Imagination

I posted these to the Facebook page last week but see they never quite made it here. So, without further adieu…

While our program is largely about getting together every couple of weeks, solving puzzles and striking a blow against the fictitious spawn of evil, I have always hoped that you would continue enjoying the roleplaying hobby outside the confines of the library. Gather a group of your friends, roll some dice, and come back with stories and worlds of your own. With that in mind, here are a pair of games on the horizon that should be on your radar.



So you want vampires vs dragons vs giant mechs vs crazy daredevils vs…

Well here is a world(s!) just for you. A legacy setting rebuilt from the ground up for the Savage Worlds game (yes, the game we’ve been playing for years before we started this dungeoncrawling business). All indications are it will be HUGE! The books should be available in store in June or July, but if you want to get in on the ground floor and at a discount, you can get on board with the Kickstarter campaign.

Be sure to check with your parents on this one. Kickstarters aren’t like your typical pre-order process. But the way Pinnacle does them, they might as well be.

Savage Rifts Kickstarter

About Rifts



7th SEA

And speaking of Kickstarters, here’s where I blew my gaming budget for the year. 7th Sea may not be the grand daddy of swashbuckling RPGs, but it is the 800 lb gorilla in the field. It promises over-the-top, cinematic, high-flying cinematic adventure and boy does it deliver! You want pirates? It’s in there. Musketeers? Those too. Anarchist bombers. Sure. Mysterious Fae? Yup. Scheming, mustache twirling villians? Absolutely! Eldritch dungeoncrawls? Sur…wait, what? Extra-dimensional Elder beings? What kind of game is this again? Only the coolest swashbuckling fantasy game ever to grace the shores of Not-Quite Europe. Now with over 60% of the rest of the world, too!

Interested now?

This Kickstarter is put to bed, and the books are due to hit the shelves until mid-October. So now we wait. But, interesting tidbit, when the game is released, the core rules will be available free online! So anyone can play. But start saving your pennies today because you WILL fall in love with this game.

(And it may well be the next world we visit! Giant mech robots and vampires and dragons aside.)

7th Sea 2nd edition Kickstarter

Chicken Soup…only chance…for survival

Score one for the common cold.  After ravaging the rest of the household, it’s left me a quivering mess.  So rather than pass this pestilence along to all of you, I’m going to drop out for the evening.  My apologies.  I will see everyone in two weeks, armed with new antibodies!

In the meantime, please enjoy this important message from the 1990’s.

Dungeoncrawl Roleplay



Join us Monday, May 7, for Dungeoncrawl Roleplaying at the Lewisville Public Library.

Dungeoncrawl Roleplaying is reserved for teens ages 11 to 17.

Monday Cancellation

There will be no game on Monday, April 18 due to a family engagement.  Our next scheduled game night is for May 2nd.  I apologize for the inconvenience.

March 7: No Game

Hey everyone,

There will not be a game Monday, March 7.  I hope to see everyone in two weeks, on Monday, March 21!  In the meantime, have a great Spring Break!



New game, new world, new stories, new legends. Join us tonight, Monday, February 15, at 6 pm for the first chapter of the Palace of the Vampire Queen, a Dungeoncrawl adventure.  If you’ve been interested in participating in Lewisville Public Library Roleplay but have worried about getting in at the beginning, tonight is your chance.

Tonight we will be making new characters and embarking on a bold new adventure of mystery and dark secrets.  No prior roleplaying experience is necessary and all materials are provided for.  So if you’re wondering what this roleplaying thing is all about, come on out tonight and introduce yourself.


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