Welcome to the new Lewisville Public Library Teen Roleplaying site!

Can you believe it’s been over three years?  Three years since we first sat a table at the Lewisville Public Library and taught a group of kids what a d10 was, and how to explore a world that existed only in their imaginations.  Back then, quite frankly, we were just hoping people would come back next month to play again!

In the three years since we began the roleplaying program at the Lewisville Public Library, we’ve gone from a once a month, two and a half hour game session to hosting two alternating episodic game campaign, with as many as fifteen players at a time, as well as contests for monster and adventure creation and a miniature figure painting workshop.  The response to the program, from the library personnel, kids, parents, and others, has been phenomenal.  It’s been so successful that its inspired many others to go out and sponsor or create similar programs in other public libraries across the nation.

It’s been so successful, we simply outgrew the format and purpose of the previous site!  There are so many players, so many twists, so many hooks, that we just could not maintain the semi-weekly episodic updates across two blogs.  The increased popularity of Facebook also forced us to question whether or not we were using the best medium to serve the players and followers of the program.

Our new site aspires to be a hub that joins all the different aspects of the program together.  Here we aspire not only to be a portal by which players and parents can learn more about the program and roleplaying in general, but serve other enthusiasts and librarians who wish to create roleplaying programs of their own.  It has always been our intent to promote the roleplaying hobby beyond the program itself, to encourage our players to go out and explore the other aspects of the hobby, be it wargaming, miniature painting, cartography, board games, or create and run campaigns of their own.  This too, we hope to encourage and shepherd through this site.

Soon, we hope to migrate all the resources from the old Warlords of Aros blog here, as well as provide similar resources for Rhül:Conquest of the New World.  Once that is done, we will slowly begin bringing new features and columns online.  So please be patient as we bring things up to speed around here.

And for all of you who have helped make this program so successful, with your attendance, your interest, your praise or simple enthusiasm, thank you every one!


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