Encounter Design Contest Winners

After much deliberation (and not a little holiday delay), we’d like to announce the winners of our Encounter Design Contest for 2010.

First, I’d like to thank all our judges: Joe Cox, Alex Smith, and previous Adventure Design Contest winner, Sam E!

Of the three entries we received, all had a great deal of potential and different strengths.  One offered a great moral quandary that could be explored by the players.  Another tailored its challenges to the group and the strengths/weaknesses of the individual players (as well as devising a full on rosetta stone code).  The third really made us wonder what goes on in the nightmares of kids today.

Because each entry was built around such a great concept, it was tough to choose a real winner.  But someone must win.  So we decided a tie for second place was appropriate!  And so, without further adieu, I give you our winners:

2nd place (tie): Alison (for her riddles and puzzles) and Heather (for her goddess-against-her-will)

1st place: Kate (for her temple of the cat spirits).

Really, it could have gone either way.  It was the eerie, Children of the Damned atmosphere that would have made Stephen King smile that put Kate over the top.  We would love to play at a table under any one of these great scenarios.  And so we will, as Kate will be running her scenario for the group on January 17th!

All our winners will receive a copy of the Savage Worlds Explorers Edition.  Our second place winners will receive a Borders gift card while our first place winner will receive a special Hellfrost package donated by our great friends at Triple Ace Games!  Thanks to Wiggy, Dave and the boys for their generosity!  Be sure to visit their website and check out the great worlds they’ve conjured up.


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