And the winner is…

I had my doubts, but in the end, the heroes pulled it out against the reemergent Jovis.  Granted, the odds were heavily stacked against them, from the Titan’s ridiculously high statistics, to the fact he was being played by another player (a visiting alumni).  Things looked pretty grim for a round, until Exile and Ayumi executed their devious plan to turn the siege weaponry against the entity.  Yes, if 60 years of Kaiju movies have taught us anything, its that explosive ordinance can have interesting results against gigantic targets.  One well aimed shot with a trebuchet left the Titan blinded in one eye and seriously wounded.  From then it was only a matter of time before a killing blow was landed, driving Jovis back through the rift in time and space and ending the titans’ chance of return for another millennium (at least).  Congratulations to all the players who attended last night.  You earned your legendary rank this time.

I had hoped for a more dramatic body count, but unfortunately I was drawn away by other unfortunate events right in the midst of the tense finale.  And for that, I apologize to the attendees.  I hope the finale was fun and dramatic.  Next time, you won’t be so lucky.  ;)

And so, with that, we draw to a close the epic of Warlords of Aros.  Not all the questions were answerer: Who will rule the Empire? Are the Titans gone for good?  What about the Last Sentinel?  These questions are left for others to answer, at another table, in another game.  It’s been a good three year run, much longer than any of us had anticipated.  Thanks to everyone who attended and made their mark on Aros, and to all of you who have voiced support for the program and an interest in our home-grown sword and sorcery yarn.  What lies ahead for Aros remains to be seen.  To be sure, I’m not done with it.  But for now it is time to place that book upon the shelf and look to new stories and new heroes.

So tune in next time when we say, “En garde!” for the first time.


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