Bright Lights, Dark City

Explore the Dark Side of the City of Lights

When I told our friends at Triple Ace Games that we were going to use All for One: Regime Diabolique for our next library rolelplaying game, they loved it!  So much so that they really want to give one of you a copy of their newest hardcover book for the game, Paris Gothique.  This book explores the dark side of Paris in 1636, the primary setting for All for One.

And so, on August 29th, we will be hosting a special contest.  We want every one of you to create a person, place, or thing that can be found in the 1636 Paris.  Whether it is a famous swordmaker known throughout Europe for his fabulous blades, a villanous secret society that plots against the throne, or a safehouse where all manner of secrets can be exchanged, we want you to create the Paris of our game.  Everything you create (within reason) will go into the setting, and will be a person your characters may encounter (and perhaps even make a contact or patron of) or a place or landmark they can visit.

From all of your entries, we will choose three winners.  The grand prize  winner will receive an autographed copy of Paris Gothique.

The entire August 29th game session will be devoted to creating your entry.  It must be at least one paragraph and must fit the setting.  You can collaborate on ideas as a group, but no “group entries” will be accepted (we only get one copy of the book, after all).  All entries are due at the end of the game that night.

Download Contest Rules Document

Download Example Entries

Download Quick Name Reference


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