The Caves of Chaos Beckon in January!

You have travelled for many days, leaving the Realm and entering into the wilder area of the Borderlands. Farms and towns have become less frequent and travellers few. The road has climbed higher as you enter the forested and mountainous country.

…so begins the infamous Keep on the Borderlands.  Thousands if not millions of adventurers have cut there teeth in this fell country.  Many have fought and died against the sinister forces of Chaos.  Some have made their fortunes here too.

Keep on the Borderlands was an adventure included in the original Dungeons and Dragons Basic Set, way back in 1979.  It was written by one of the game’s creators, Gary Gygax, expressly to be an introduction to fantasy adventure roleplaying.  Just about anyone who picked up a set of dice between 1979 and 1986 lost a character in the forbidding Caves of Chaos, and many more continue to this very day, in over four different iterations of the Dungeons and Dragons game.

Due to the city of Lewisville’s holiday schedule, the All for One roleplaying game goes on hiatus after Monday’s game and will not resume until February.  Meanwhile, the Rhül: Conquest of the New World game has been shelved indefinitely.  So in January, we will be running a special roleplaying event: The Keep on the Borderlands.  In keeping with tradition, we will be using the original Dungeons and Dragons rules from that era: quick, simple, and lightning fast.  Will you be a mighty fighter? A cunning thief?  An aloof elf or cantankerous dwarf?  Or will you be a wily magic-user.  So prepare to roll up a quick character and adventure in a place whose history goes back as far as roleplaying itself (almost, anyway).  But a word of warning: don’t get too attached to him or her.  Fate is a fickle thing when Chaos is involved.


2 responses

  1. This is for youth, is that correct? What days/times will it meet? Thanks.

    December 15, 2011 at 2:43 pm

  2. Yes, this is for youths. Ages 12 to 17. We will be meeting at the usual times: the second and fourth Mondays of January @ 6 pm upstairs in the YA lit section of the Lewisville Public Library. No experience is necessary, and we provide all the equipment (dice, character sheets, etc.). Parents are welcome to attend with their kids, but the program really is about the teens. We do have an adult roleplaying program too, for everyone else. Drop a response here if you’d like more info on that.

    December 15, 2011 at 7:49 pm

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