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Reaper Miniatures Painting Workshop

Reaper logoJoin us Monday, July 30 at 6 pm for a special painting workshop sponsored by Reaper Miniatures of Denton, TX.  Miniature figures have been a staple of roleplaying games since their inception, as well as their wargame progenitors.  One of the popular aspects of the hobby is finding the right miniature to represent your character, and paint it to add depth, detail, and style.  This is a very special opportunity for us, so don’t miss out.  Paints, figures and equipment are all being provided.  Just show up ready to paint!  These things take time to do right, so don’t get there late.

Founded in 1992, Reaper has become one of the premier developers of miniature figures in the world.  In addition to their own Warlords wargame, they produce figures for fantasy rpgs (Dark Haven Legends) and more modern genres (Chronoscope).  They also produce officially licensed figures for the Pathfinder RPG as well as Savage Worlds, two games very close to this program’s heart.  For the last three years, the company has hosted ReaperCon, which gives miniature painting enthusiasts to tour the facilities, mingle with sculptures, professional painters and artists, as well as compete against one another. Below are a few examples of prize winning work from ReaperCon 2012.


Heroes of Ash and Flame Preview #2

Character Types

Here is a collection of some of the most common character concepts for Heroes of Ash and Flame.

ATHASIAN MINSTREL: Athasian minstrels might be dancers, poets, musicians, artists, or tutors retained by the wealthy and powerful, or they might be performers from roving troupes hired for special occasions. Minstrels also double as spies, assassins, and agents, concealing daggers beneath fluttering silk or honeyed words.

DUNE TRADER: The great merchant houses of Athas provide opportunities for ambitious and capable people to make their fortunes. Serving as a mercenary, advisor, or agent to a merchant house might provide a character with the ability to travel on his patron’s behalf and live in comfort.

ELEMENTAL CULTIST: Elemental cultists are no friends to the sorcerer-kings or templars, but the residents of rural villages and nomadic tribes hold the priests in high regard. Some are armed with potent healing abilities, some are secret assassins, and others are fierce warriors who fortify themselves with the spirits of the world’s primal elements.

GLADIATOR: Life on Athas is cheap, and the great city states are renowned for their bloodstained arenas. Gladiators are warriors who fight for gold, glory, or survival in the arena. Many are slaves, trained from childhood to fight for the entertainment of the masses. Some gladiators are free beings who choose to fight, lured by the rich prizes and promise of glory.

NOBLE ADEPT: Naturally, people of wealth and high station have more choices in life than others, and noble adepts have access to the finest tutors in swordplay and psionics. What they lack in practical experience in the deserts or arenas, they make up for with years of leisure to master the martial, psionic, or magical arts.

SHAMAN: Shamans wield the strength of forest and oasis against those who would bring further ruin to the dying world. Like devotees of the elements, shamans oppose the sorcerer-kings and the minions of these tyrants, and they command the fear and respect of the desert peoples.

SLAVE: The life of a slave is hard, often short, and for most, deprived of dignity. A small minority—those who are sufficiently brace, desperate, or lucky—escape to better things, but they can never lower their guard against the threat of discovery.

VEILED ALLIANCE: On Athas, arcane magic is perilous in the extreme. Used carelessly, it defiles the surroundings, destroying life and leaving barren zones where nothing can grow again. The Veiled Alliance protects sorcerers who choose the way of the preserver, learning to cast spells with the care and sacrifice needed to spare the surroundings from the damage of arcane magic.

WASTELAND NOMAD: The people of the desert are perhaps the freest inhabitants of Athas; the world is theirs to wander as they will, as long as they have the strength and luck to avoid monsters, bandits, and slavers. Wasteland nomads might be hunters, scouts, or wild raiders with no formal training, but the Athasian wasteland is a harsh teacher.

WILD TALENT: Psionic power is widespread on Athas, and many privileged nobles and commoners of exceptional ability receive formal training in the Will and the Way. Wild Talents are those who lack formal instruction in psionics and master their powers on their own. It’s not unusual for a skilled fighter or an agile rogue to have a potent, self-taught psionic power with which she can surprise careless enemies.

All for One: Regime Diabolique

Join us Monday, July 16 for All for One: Regime Diabolique. 6:00 pm at the Lewisville Public Library.

All for One: Regime Diabolique is reserved for teens, ages 12 to 17.

Heroes of Ash and Flame Preview

The Races of Athas

Dwarf: A dwarf’s chief love is toil. A dwarf is never happier than when there is a cause to work or fight for, something he can approach with stoic single–mindedness for weeks, months, years, or even decades at a time. Once a dwarf’s mind is committed to a certain task, he’ll only set it aside after a great deal of grumbling and coercion. The fulfilment he achieves upon completion of a lengthy, difficult task is what he strives for.

Elf: Swift, sure, and self–reliant, an elf is conditioned to run quickly over sandy and rocky terrain, sometimes for days at a time. An elven war party on the move is a deadly force of endurance and maneuverability. Elves use no beasts of burden for personal transportation.  It is dishonorable among elves to ride on an animal unless wounded and near death – even pregnant women and old elves are expected to keep up with the tribe or be left behind.

Goliath: Goliaths a fairly young race; a bizarre experiment where giants were magically crossbred with humans.. A goliath gain terrific size from his giant heritage, but also inherits that race’s dull wits.  There is no goliath culture common to all of their kind. On the contrary having insufficient history and overall intelligence to have their own culture, goliaths tend to readily adopt the cultures of other creatures they admire or associate with. Goliaths are very imitative creatures, eager to fit into new situations as they present themselves.

Half Elf: Neither fully human nor fully elven, half–elves rarely find acceptance with either race. Elves are especially intolerant, at times driving mothers of half–elven infants from their camps into the desert. Humans are more apt to accept half–elves as allies or partners, but seldom accept them into their homes, clans, or families. Half-elves are outsiders, forever wandering from situation to situation without a people, land, or village to call home.

Halflings: A feral race from the distant jungles, halflings have the faces of wise and beautiful children.  Regardless of age, their features never succumb to their years.  Halflings possess great racial unity. They tend to rely heavily on their culture for communication. Halflings who have travelled widely outside their traditional jungle home have a much greater tolerance of those with a “lack” of halfling culture; and can communicate easily and without frustration.  Their taste for human (and demi-human) flesh is well-known.

Humans: The most populous race on Athas, humans are tolerant of other races and can easily adapt to situations involving elves or dwarves, and even more exotic races such as goliaths and thri–kreen. Where other, less tolerant races come into contact with one another, humans often serve as diplomatic buffers. Compared to dwarves, muls, goliaths, and thri-kreen, humans aren’t very strong. They are, however, cunning, highly inventive, and persistent in the extreme.

Mul: A mul is an incredibly tough crossbreed of a human and dwarf.  Their dwarven ancestry gives them a well–muscled frame and an incredible constitution – mul laborers can perform heavy work for days at a time without stopping. Muls are unmistakably human in appearance.  Born as they are to lives of slave labor, with the taskmaster’s whip taking the place of parents and family, muls are given to a gruff personality and violent reactions.

Thri-Kreen: Six–limbed insect–men with tough, sandy–yellow exoskeletons, their survivability in the wilderness combined with their cunning and intellect, have made these mantis warriors the undisputed masters across large tracts of the desert wastes. The pack is the single unit of organization among the thri-kreen. Thri-kreen have a well–known taste for elves, which keeps both races at an uneasy peace when they are forced to cooperate.

Independence Day ate my game…

Alright everyone, a quick bit of rescheduling. Personally I feel like I’ve been doing tomuch of this lately, so I’m hoping to make this the last unscheduled reschedule of the summer. Anyhow, due to family commitments, I’m going to reschedule today’s All for One game to next week (Monday, July 9th). We’ll follow this up with another session of AfO the following Monday, making them back to back sessions. It’s unorthodox and interrupts the Open Gaming schedule, but might even help with concluding the current game to make way for Heroes of Ash and Flame this fall.

I’ll update the previous post accordingly and post the schedule update on Facebook. So tonight there will be Open Gaming at the library.

Sorry for the short notice. I hope everyone has a great week and happy Independence Day.