Dark Sun Character Names

For those of you that..ahem…might be having a bit of…errr…trouble naming your Heroes of Ash and Flame characters, I’ve decided to post this list from the Dark Sun netbook.  Its a compilation of all the names that appear in the novels, short stories, supplements, etc. listed alphabetically and distinguished by race.  Because you never know who you are going to run into in the Tablelands, I don’t advise borrowing names wholesale. (“Abalach-re? Queen of Raam, is it? You don’t say. That’s my name too.”  ZAAP!) but it should be good for inspiration.

Another tried and tested way to create a cool name for your character are anagrams!  How does it work?  Take your name, or that of a friend, parent, teacher, famous person, and move the letters around until you get something that sounds suitably “fantastic”.  You can drop letters as needed.  Sometimes, just reversing the order of letters in your name gives you a great result.  Here are a few examples:

Tom = Mot

Joseph = Hesoj

Tristan = Ratsnit (ok, some are more flattering than others)

Paul = Lupa

Lindsey = Idy’seln

Have fun playing around with them!


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