Heroes of Ash and Flame Survey Results

Without further adieu, here are the results of the survey you all took last Monday regarding what sort of story elements you wanted to see most in the Heroes of Ash and Flame game.  The choices were: Exploration, Intrigue, and Commerce.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Exploration won by a commanding margin.  It really wasn’t even close.  Intrigue and Commerce both tied for second place.  So while some of you found the idea of playing revolutionaries working in the shadows to bring down the sorcerer-kings, or far-traveling dune traders leading caravans to forlorn villages and encampments across the wastes intriguing, that didn’t hold a candle to combing through ancient ruins and uncovering secrets of Athas’ past.

It seems pretty clear, therefore, that a majority of you prefer being eaten to a dagger in the back.  Well, Joe and I will do what we can to oblige you.

See you Monday!


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