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Reaper Miniature Painting Workshop

Reaper logoJoin us Monday, December 3 at 6 pm for a special painting workshop sponsored by Reaper Miniatures of Denton, TX.  Miniature figures have been a staple of roleplaying games since their inception, as well as their wargame progenitors.  One of the popular aspects of the hobby is finding the right miniature to represent your character, and paint it to add depth, detail, and style.  This is a very special opportunity for us, so don’t miss out.  Paints, figures and equipment are all being provided.  Just show up ready to paint!  These things take time to do right, so don’t get there late.

Founded in 1992, Reaper has become one of the premier developers of miniature figures in the world.  In addition to their own Warlords wargame, they produce figures for fantasy rpgs (Dark Haven Legends) and more modern genres (Chronoscope).  They also produce officially licensed figures for the Pathfinder RPG as well as Savage Worlds, two games very close to this program’s heart.  For the last three years, the company has hosted ReaperCon, which gives miniature painting enthusiasts to tour the facilities, mingle with sculptures, professional painters and artists, as well as compete against one another. Below are a few examples of prize winning work from ReaperCon 2012.


Now Introducing…


Born at 6:26 pm on November 1st.

Yes, that’s right.  It’s paternity leave for me right now.  But I’m looking forward to seeing all of you again in December.  Please don’t give Aaron too hard a time while I’m gone.