HoAF Update Preview #1: Psionic Powers

As I’ve been promising for a long time, I’ve finally submitted the revised Heroes of Ash and Flames Players Guide for printing.  If we’re lucky, we should have copies available for the next game on December 16.

This has been a big undertaking, and a big revision of the book.  In the previous version (edition, you might say), there were a lot of details I brought over from the original Dark Sun setting that just…didn’t work.  I took a good hard look at all of those things to decide what needed to be there and what I was just holding on to out of nostalgia.  One of those things, as all of you know by now, was Psionics.

Previously, psionicists had access to pretty much every power available to sorcerers.  This was keeping to the source material.  But the more I thought about it, the less right that felt.  Sorcerers and Shamans (or Druids, for those of you familiar with the old AD&D material) are sort of two sides of the same coin, and both have considerable roleplaying restrictions heaped upon them by the setting.  Psionicists don’t have any of that.  They can walk around and use almost any power without fear of immediate repercussions.  They had all the toys and none of the guilt.  The new version changes that.  Now, psionicists are dialed down to the bare essentials.  They can still do a LOT.  I wouldn’t call them nerfed by any stretch of the imagination.  I think their powers are now comparable to Elemental Cultists.  Fortunately, it probably won’t amount to many character changes at this time.  It’s more of a scope thing.  Since its one of the biggest changes, I thought I’d preview it here.

Arcane Background [Psionics ]
Arcane Skill: Psionics [Smarts]
Starting Powers: 2
Power List: Analyze Foe, Armor, Barrier, Beast Friend, Blast, Body Weaponry*, Bolt, Boost/Lower Trait, Confusion, Deflection, Detect/Conceal Arcana (Psionics), Disguise, Divination, Entangle, Environmental Protection, Farsight, Fear, Fly, Growth/Shrink, Healing, Intangibility, Invisibility, Mind Reading, Precognition, Pummel, Puppet, Quickness, Slow, Speak Language, Speed, Stun, Succor, Telekinesis, Teleport, Wandering Senses

Initiates of the Way have learned to tap into their own psychic powers. They can manipulate matter, create fire, or control their own bodies with but a thought.
Casting: Psions must exercise concentration and will when using their powers. Any gestures, chants, or other mechanisims are simply a means for the practitioner to focus his will.
Psychic Feedback: When a psion rolls a 1 on his Psionics die (regardless of his Wild Die), the power automatically fails. All currently maintained powers are cancelled as well. The failure creates a wave of psychic feedback that does 2d6 nonlethal damage to all sentient creatures within a Large Burst Template centered on the psion. In addition, the psion suffers a level of Fatigue.


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