HoAF Update Preview #2: Psychic Perception

One thing we’ve long danced around the edges of the rules on was psions using their mental powers for Notice rolls.  It’s something that could easily have been a power, but why?  With the updated HoAF book, I wanted to include some hard rules for this use of psionics, mainly so it didn’t feel so ad hoc from one game session to another.  So here it is:

Characters with the Arcane Background [Psionics] Edge are able to reach out with their minds to identify and touch the minds of other intelligent creatures within a range equal to the character’s Smarts x10. Using this ability requires a Notice roll –2*.
Failure: The psion learns nothing for his efforts.
Success: The psion learns the approximate number of intelligent beings within range.
Raise: The psion can read the empathic feelings from targets within range. Alternatively, he can determine if any of the targets are psionically capable.

Guarded Thoughts: Trained psions can guard their minds against psychic perception. This requires an opposed Psionics roll against
the intruder’s Notice score. If it succeeds, the intruder cannot read the psion empathically or determine psionic capabilities.

Psychic Stealth: Psions who wish to remain hidden from spying attempts may do so with a Stealth roll –2. If this is done after his presence is discovered, the penalty increases to –4.

* –4 if the psion is in storm-like conditions; –6 if the psion is underground.


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