What I’m Reading…

The Silver Skull, by Mark ChadbourneI recently finished The Silver Skull, a novel by Mark Chadbourne, part of his Swords of Albion trilogy.  In all, a pretty good read at a hair over 400 pages.  The novel follows the exploits of Will Swyfte, England’s greatest spy.  Swyfte is Elizabethan England’s equivalent of James Bond: dashing, rakish and quick witted.  While the threat of the Spanish Armada looms over England, Swyfte and a few other stalwarts work behind the scenes to protect Queen and kingdom from the true threat: the Fae and the Unseelie Court.

It’s a solid novel, well paced and tightly written.  Its not without its faults – the threat and villainous plot feels almost anachronistic in this day and age – but these are outweighed by what the novel does right.  It’s also a first novel, so one has to forgive the author a certain amount.  I’ve added the follow up, the Scar-Crow Men, to my future reading list.

If that sounds right up your alley, start bugging the librarians at LPL for a copy.


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