Coming soon to an XBox near you…

No.  Not us.  We aren’t going anywhere (though elsewhere I’ve gone digital and have nothing but good things to say).

In just one short month, we’re cracking the lid on a new game setting: Deadlands.  And it seems we’re not the only one’s.  The big news that hit the net yesterday, and caught gamerdom blidesided, is that Microsoft has optioned the Deadlands game setting for a new internet television series to be broadcast over its XBox platform.

The Worse.

This may not seem like big news to you.  And it shouldn’t be…yet.  RPGs have a pretty poor track record when it comes to TV adaptions.  Most of you were probably not even a thought for Kindred: the Embraced, a series even the Aaron Spelling magic couldn’t save.  And don’t even get me started on the Dungeons and Dragons movie (and its sequels).  And that…is just about all there is to talk about.  But despite the announcement, there is a long road to go on a Deadlands internet show.  Personally, I’m much more interested in whether or not it will be available on Netflix, iTunes, or even On Demand as I have no interest in buying a XBox just to watch a TV show, no matter what they decide to call it.

But if the show makes it to a debut, and we haven’t run out of cowpokes, indians, or zombies (or worse) to shoot at or blow up, well we might start seeing a new level of interest in what we are doing!

See you all Monday!





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