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Ain’t you got a purty mouth…

ProspectorAlright, tenderfoots.  I know every one of you cotton to “talk like a pirate day.”  But I’ve caught more than one of you staring at me all balled up when I start jawin’ that ol’ west lingo to paint some color on the landscape.  Well it’s time to go through the mill, young’uns.  Before you go callin’ me a fannel-mouthed blowhard, I think its time you expand your education.

Ok, seriously, if you understood all that, you’re probably ready to throw down with the manitou and the dark things waiting for you out in the badlands.  But if not, well here are a couple of links to help you out.

Melodramatic Slang

Western Slang and Phrases

My suggestion, for those who care about such things, pick out four or five phrases and write them down on the back of your character sheet.  Try working them into your in-character dialogue when you get a chance.


Game called on account of Hard Labor

Monday, September 1st is Labor Day.  The library will be closed, and so there will be no game that night.

I do hope to see everyone on Monday, September 15th.  That session will be focused on character creation.  So if yer fresh back from vacation, ya still have a chance to hop aboard the Iron Dragon express.