Survey Results

The first round of survey results are in and the results are…

  • Fantasy: 4
  • Science Fiction: 2
  • Science Fantasy: 1
  • Gothic Horror: 2
  • Swashbuckling Adventure: 0

First, let me stress how disappointed I am that swashbuckling adventure didn’t receive one single vote.  That just wounds me to my core as swashbuckling adventure is one of MY favorite genres in roleplaying,  But ok, looks like we’re leaning towards fantasy.  But it is it really that simple?  Of course not!  Now we need to decide about what sort of fantasy we’re looking to play.  Also, there are still some players who haven’t voted, so there’s still a chance for one of the other categories to edge out fantasy by a nose.  In the meantime, expect another survey on the next game night to try and nail down what flavor of fantasy we’re going to do.  And there may be another surprise or two in the works as well.  Stay tuned.


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