Annual Halloween Event

Hey everyone!

Just a reminder that NEXT monday night, October 26, is our annual Halloween event.  The library will be providing the treats, we’ll be providing the tricks and horrors.  Remember, costumes are optional, but encouraged.  And yes, there will be benefits to coming in costume.  This will not be a regular Deadlands game.  Monday I asked if you wanted a preview of the next campaign, or something completely different.  And you voted…for something completely different!  So that’s what you’ll be getting.  But you’ll still earn experience for your participation, which you can carry over to your regular character.  How much experience?  That depends on how long your character survives.  MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

What’s that?  You want a clue?  Of course you do.  So I’ll give you one.  But only one.

Chickens in the Mist SW v02.indd

See you Monday night.

In the meantime, I leave you with a Halloween tradition you should carry on.


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