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From its perch high in the Carpathian Mountains, the ruins of Kierstrahd Castle cast a wide shadow, thick with the memory of Transylvanian tyrants. Once, the dark queen Zaleska held dominion over the lands to the east from this forlorn citadel. Her cruel and capricious rule left a lasting legacy upon her people. The hushed tales of black deeds and horrific rituals still stir deep-seated fears.

Now, after three centuries of silence, cold lights flicker to life in the still of the shattered ramparts of Kierstrahd Castle. Bone chilling howls and mad laughter echo through its ruined halls. Foul beasts and fierce goblin tribes emerge from their mountain lairs to raid the villages below.

Those who fear the night huddle before their fires behind bolted doors. Others heed the call of adventure: the promise of eldritch secrets and treasure beyond measure. But any fortunes will be hard won. For this is no simple treasure hunt. Kierstrahd Castle has a spirit as dark and cold as the stone beneath it.

In the end, it is for you to discover what dark secrets lie at the heart of…



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