The Lewisville Public Library Teen Roleplaying Program began in March of 2007.  Tom Harrison, a local professional and roleplaying game enthusiast was invited to run a roleplaying game for teens one night a month.  The program soon drew enough attendance to warrant two monthly game sessions.  In 2008, we launched a new game world, Warlords of Aros, in response to requests by the players.  The continued popularity led us to add a new team of game masters, with the Chronicles of Brion and Rhül:Conquest of the New World game worlds.

The program has been profiled in the Dallas Morning News.

The roleplaying program emphasizes cooperative gameplay, with team work and creative thinking being essential for success.  The group must work together to defeat the challenges and puzzles presented to them to forward the story and achieve the goal of the scenario or session (much like a chapter in a novel).

Teens, ages 12-17, are welcome to participate.  All materials are provided.  The only thing you need to bring is a healthy imagination.

Meet the Game Masters

Tom Harrison
“Avoid the bite!”
Tom is a graphic designer who works in marketing and publishing. He holds Masters degrees in English and Advertising/Public Relations from the University of North Texas. Tom began roleplaying in 1982 with the Dungeons and Dragons Basic Set. In 2001, he was among the first regional managers for the Role Playing Gamers Association’s Living Greyhawk game, managing a pool of enthusiastic writers in Texas and Oklahoma. These days, he’s all about the many flavors of Savage Worlds. He currently runs the Warlords of Aros game with the able and supurb help of co-GM, Joseph Cox. In his spare time, Tom fuels his imagination with the books of Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Stephen King, Robin Hobb, and George R. R. Martin.

Joseph Cox
“Wait! Wait! Wait!”
Originally from New Jersey, Joe came to Texas almost by accident. He spent many years as a technician for Children’s Hospital in Dallas and, previous to that, an Emergency Responder in New Jersey. Joe began playing Dungeons and Dragons in 1979 and has spent years building a reputation as a cruel, calculating, and merciless GM (though don’t be fooled – he’s really a softy). He spent nearly a decade as a GM for the Role Playing Gamer Association’s Living Greyhawk game. He is the currently co-GM for the Warlords of Aros game.  Joe’s  life goal is to become a pediatrician.