Happy Halloween


Did you have fun at our annual Halloween event? I hope so. Now you can download the Halloween Dark game, along with all the cards. This version is updated from the one we played, as your madcap efforts revealed some holes and flaws in the original design. This version fixes those. So get your friends together, grab some dice, and watch as them try to do each other in! Have fun! And thank you for coming out for the event.

Based on Graham Walmsley’s excellent Cthulhu Dark, Halloween Dark is a light hearted horror game where the players deal cards to steer themselves or their compatriots to safety or deeper into harm’s way, often with hilarious results.

You can also download Joyland, the horror story we played.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


It’s That Time Again…

Summer is over.  The leaves are changing color.  School is back in session.  This can only mean one thing.

Halloween is coming.

And that means it’s almost time for our annual Halloween event for Teen Roleplay!  (Would you look at that, two events almost back to back!)

Familial obligations prevent me from running a Halloween game ON Halloween night.  Instead, the event will be held Monday, October 17th!  Yes, there will be treats!  Yes, you can wear a costume!  Yes, there will be scares!  No, I can’t tell you what the game will be about.  But I’ll give you a hint: read the news.  No, not all the terrible election coverage.  Neither Trump nor Hillary will be making a cameo.  Look closer.  Strange things are afoot in our country.  Reports have come in from Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, even Texas in our own backyards!  Have you figured it out yet?

So be there next Monday night prepared for the worst!