International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Well would you look at that!  It seems our Special 7th Sea Event is all set to go for International Talk Like a Pirate Day!  If that isn’t enough to make you come out and join your fellows for a swashbuckling, action packed good time, I don’t know what will.


What is 7th Sea?

It is a world of swashbuckling and sorcery, piracy and adventure, diplomacy and intrigue, archaeology and exploration. It’s a world of musketeers, buccaneers and privateers, ancient sorcery and lost civilizations, secrets that hide in the shadows, and monsters that hide in plain sight.

As always, all materials will be provided, including characters.  If you’ve never experienced a roleplaying game before, that’s no problem.  So join your friends: sail the high seas, cross swords with dastardly villains, uncover secrets of a mysterious past, and watch things explode!

Monday, September 19th @ 6 pm.  Lewisville Public Library


September Special Event!

On September 19th, join us for a very special teen roleplaying session where we will leap from the rooftops, swing from the chandeliers, and cross swords with the most dastardly villains imaginable. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we are going to introduce you to the weird, wonderful world of 7th Sea.


7th Sea is a different kind of roleplaying game. It is collaborative storytelling at its finest. In 7th Sea, you don’t ask whether you succeed or fail at a task. You only need to decide how awesome you want to be. It is a very different play experience from what we’ve offered before in the teen roleplaying program, and probably different from what you’ve experienced in the past.

Curious? Come on out, grab a character and prepare yourself for a whirlwind of action, romance, and mystery. Prepare yourself…for 7th Sea!

7th Sea is a tabletop roleplaying game of swashbuckling and intrigue, exploration and adventure, taking place on the continent of Théah, a land of magic and mystery inspired by our own Europe.

Players take the roles of heroes thrown into global conspiracies and sinister plots, exploring ancient ruins of a race long vanished and protecting the rightful kings and queens of Théah from murderous villains. It is a world of sharp blades and sharp wits, where a cutting retort can be just as deadly as a sword’s point.

For more information, visit

Annual Halloween Event

Hey everyone!

Just a reminder that NEXT monday night, October 26, is our annual Halloween event.  The library will be providing the treats, we’ll be providing the tricks and horrors.  Remember, costumes are optional, but encouraged.  And yes, there will be benefits to coming in costume.  This will not be a regular Deadlands game.  Monday I asked if you wanted a preview of the next campaign, or something completely different.  And you voted…for something completely different!  So that’s what you’ll be getting.  But you’ll still earn experience for your participation, which you can carry over to your regular character.  How much experience?  That depends on how long your character survives.  MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

What’s that?  You want a clue?  Of course you do.  So I’ll give you one.  But only one.

Chickens in the Mist SW v02.indd

See you Monday night.

In the meantime, I leave you with a Halloween tradition you should carry on.

Survey 2 Results…

First off, with updated results from the first survey, Fantasy stands ahead with 5 votes.

Last night I handed out a new survey to get a better idea of the flavor of fantasy everyone wanted to try. The results were…not what I expected.

  • Dungeoncrawl: 7
  • Gothic Horror: 1
  • Exotic Fantasy: 1
  • Colonial America: 0

I am…just…no, that’s cool.  Old school dungeon crawling it is!  It is certainly a type of adventure we really haven’t explored since our old 2/4 Monday D&D 4e game.

If you were hoping for a return to 4th edition.  Nope.  Sorry.  Not gonna do it.  4th edition and I get along about as well as peanut butter and arugala.  But it’s not really the kind of game that suits Savage Worlds either.  Not if you really want that classic dungeoncrawl experience.  Oh, and I aim to give you guys the classic dungeoncrawl experience.

So I have a little investigating to do, but we will definitely be using a different system.  I’m shooting for something rules lite and roughly classed based.  I know what you’re thinking.  There’s a new edition of Dungeons and Dragons out there.  Well, yes, but that may not be the best solution either.  Maybe a stripped down basic version?  Perhaps.  I have a couple of candidates in mind:

Dungeons and Dragons (B/X edition) — Probably the best selling version of any roleplaying game in history, and the version that I started playing with. Available in PDF.

Fantasy Age Based on the Dragon Age tabletop RPG (yes, based on the Dragon Age computer game).  It’s new.  It’s hot. It’s different.  It’s easy.  I wish it had been around when we were playing Warlords of Aros.  But is it the right tool for dungeoncrawling?  Available in print and PDF.

Magic World A d100-based fantasy version of one of the oldest and most supported game systems out there.  Don’t let the name fool you. Again, not really sure its the right tool for the job, but it definitely has the right level of complexity. Available in print and PDF.

Perilous Journeys A d100-based system loosely based on Gary Gygax’s final RPG and a favorite of mine, Lejendary Adventure. interested in playtesting the 2nd edition rules? Available as a FREE PDF.

Survey Results

The first round of survey results are in and the results are…

  • Fantasy: 4
  • Science Fiction: 2
  • Science Fantasy: 1
  • Gothic Horror: 2
  • Swashbuckling Adventure: 0

First, let me stress how disappointed I am that swashbuckling adventure didn’t receive one single vote.  That just wounds me to my core as swashbuckling adventure is one of MY favorite genres in roleplaying,  But ok, looks like we’re leaning towards fantasy.  But it is it really that simple?  Of course not!  Now we need to decide about what sort of fantasy we’re looking to play.  Also, there are still some players who haven’t voted, so there’s still a chance for one of the other categories to edge out fantasy by a nose.  In the meantime, expect another survey on the next game night to try and nail down what flavor of fantasy we’re going to do.  And there may be another surprise or two in the works as well.  Stay tuned.

Deadlands Roleplay


Join us Monday, April 6, for Deadlands. 6:00 pm at the Lewisville Public Library.

Deadlands is reserved for teens, ages 12 to 17.

Heroes of Ash and Flame Roleplay



The end is nigh!  Join us for the two final sessions of Heroes of Ash and Flame.  You’ve sensed her presence.  She’s harried your companions, even stolen one of your own.  Now, come face to face with the greatest adversary you’ve yet faced on the blasted wastes of Athas.

Join us Monday, February 17, for Heroes of Ash and Flame. 6:00 pm at the Lewisville Public Library.

Heroes of Ash and Flame is reserved for teens, ages 12 to 17.