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Next Stop, Lost Angels



If you hadn’t noticed already, the Facebook page for this group has been updated as part of the final press towards our new destination: the Weird West.

Summer is always a weird time for us.  Lots of folks disappear into the summer haze to distant ports o’call, while others we’ve never seen before (or not since last August) appear out of nowhere to take their place.  Kicking off a new world is always challenging, maybe even moreso in the summer.  So this time around, we’re going to approach things a bit differently.  So, to make sure everyone is on the same page, here’s a peek at our summer schedule:

June – Character Creation: We’ll be spending this month building characters for the new world.  Character creation isn’t hard and doesn’t take long, but it generally eats a session.  Using two sessions gives everyone more breathing room to create the character they imagine without a lot of rushing around.  The Weird West can be a dangerous place.  It might be a good idea to have a spare character waiting in your folder.

July & August – Welcome to the Weird West: Before we get to the meat of the story, you greenhorns can wet your whistles in some dusty watering hole getting to know the place.  Think of it like a summer beach novel: light on plot, heavy on…explosions!

September 1 – Did I Mention Character Creation?: By now, the summer crowd will have filtered through and school is back in session.  So its time for the folks who abandoned us for the summer to whip up their characters (or replace characters eat, maimed, or otherwise blown to bits in the previous two months).  For those of you who already have characters and have wisely avoided the reaper’s attention, Joe will no doubt have something special for you.

September 22 – The Lost Angels Express Leaves the Station: We kick off the main storyline in earnest.

And somewhere in there, we might have time for a contest.  Hmmm….